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    Suite 300
    Severna Park, MD 21146
  • (410) 518-6823

Our 5 Step Process

Our consultative process begins with learning about you and what is most important to you and your family.

Our Wealth Strategists begin each new engagement with a time-tested, collaborative process. This allows them to have an open dialogue where they learn about your values and goals while working with you to tailor a plan to help you work towards those goals.

Discovery Meeting:  This first step is a casual, yet focused 90-minute conversation where our Wealth Strategists learn about your current situation, your values, the goals you would like to achieve, and how they can help you increase the possibility of achieving those goals.  A unique total client profile is developed at this meeting for you and our team to be constantly aware of what is important to you.  You also have the opportunity to learn about our practice and how your entire LifeTime WealthCare team works to benefit you.

Investment Planning Meeting:  At this meeting, our Wealth Strategists present their review of your current situation to determine whether or not you are maximizing the probability of success.  If you are, they will tell you.  If you are not, they will share their recommendations for how they can help bridge the gaps to help you to work toward your goals.  This is a detailed review and if you decide to work with them, it will be the foundation of your work together.

Mutual Commitment Meeting:  This is our third meeting and if you get here we have decided that we are a good fit to work together.  We often call this our “paperwork meeting” as we are now ready to come to a mutual decision that LifeTime WealthCare Family Office can add substantial value and impact on your financial health while planning for your future success in a comprehensive manner.

45-Day Follow Up Meeting:  You are now a valued client and we try to make your life easier by providing access to your personal Wealth Management system and various other tools.  We help you to organize and make the process and your daily life easy and seamless.  We review new account statements, account set-ups and ensure you are comfortable with all account access information.  We spend time answering any questions you may have about the process thus far to ensure you are comfortable with everything.

Regular Progress Meeting:  These meetings provide our Wealth Strategist an opportunity to review any major changes in your personal or financial situation and review your overall progress toward meeting your long-term financial goals.  They will also begin the implementation of “advanced planning” that may include wealth preservation, tax mitigation and charitable planning.  Business owners and medical professionals have additional layers of advanced planning considerations we attend to as well.